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Tiny Desk Art

Get Curated Works of Art Delivered Monthly to Your Home or Office for as Low as $8.54/Month

What You Get

2 High Quality Prints

Dual-sided 4" x 6" fine art prints delivered right to your door monthly. One side features a contemporary artist, the other a classic piece of art selected by our curator.

Reflection Prompts

Our reflection questions help guide you through your appreciation of the art by prompting you to notice specific elements in the piece and how you respond to those.

Exclusive Access

Get the chance to order full-sized premium prints of any month in which you're a member. These prints can sometimes include contemporary artwork never before offered.

October 2020 Unboxing Video

Us vs. The Other Guys

Why Monesk?

Because we believe in doing good. Our values & philosophy inform everything we do. We are on a mission to better the world through art.


Clear your desk, give everything a purpose, and declutter your life. Minimalism isn't about sacrificing items that spark joy. It's about intention, and purpose. There's space there for beauty.


A constructive distraction helps remind us to be present. Reducing stress may feel like a mountain too steep to climb, but simply engaging your focus can change everything. Art helps do that, giving us something enrapturing to contemplate.

Art Appreciation

Art isn't just beautiful. It says something about the world. And the more we know about how to appreciate art, the better we can understand what it's trying to say. What messages might you have missed within even your favorite artworks?

Buy Real Art & Help Real Artists

Monesk loves artists and the art they create. We don’t take either for granted.

Artists get a substantial portion of the proceeds from every one of their prints Monesk sends out, including a guaranteed minimum. That way, artists know what they will walk away with just by being a featured artist.

Artists make more money with Monesk than they do through traditional art sellers. The commissions we give artists on full-sized prints exceed those offered by brick-and-mortar art galleries.

Contemporary Artwork

Classic Artwork


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