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About Us

Monesk began in 2020 amidst the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic with the vision of giving desk jockeys an outlet for reflection, beauty, and constructive distraction.

We offer a monthly art subscription package that includes a small print of art delivered to your home or office. One side features a new modern artist that we partner with each month; the other side a classic piece of artwork from one of the greats. Each print comes with a short artist bio, a brief description of the art and a reflection—a series of questions to help guide you through your experience with the art. 

Each month, we partner with a new artist to help expose the Monesk community to art and artists they might not have otherwise encountered. Our featured artists are co-creators of this community and they are generously compensated for the use of their art during their featured month. 

If you like the print, you can buy a larger version through an exclusive micro-site that is available only to subscribers.

Art can seem inaccessible to those who haven’t spent much time in the arts scene. Monesk seeks to make art more accessible while simultaneously supporting the artists who make it.

We want Monesk to be something to look forward to each month as a small opportunity for discovery and reminder not to let our lives coast for too long on autopilot. Studies have shown that a meaningful distraction can actually boost productivity. Monesk is an invitation to refocus on your goals, objectives and passions. All that is already within you, Monesk simply seeks to help draw it out of you. 

It’s your life, artfully inspired.

Mark Bauer

An accomplished media professional and longtime denizen of desks, Mark Bauer conceptualized Monesk when he realized he wanted meaningful distraction from the daily monotony of his 9-5 job. A monthly subscription service featuring new art delivered to his workplace that he could display at his desk was born out of that. Bauer has more than 10 years editing and production experience and is an advocate for fair compensation in the arts.

Jason Boyd

A marketing-communications professional with more than a decade of experience, Jason Boyd brings the technical and marketing expertise to the project. He’s helped brands like JCPenney and Southwest Airlines achieve excellence with his gift for words and creative ingenuity. Boyd now works from home in Dallas, Texas, and he hopes to never go back to a cubicle.

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