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Artwork Subscription Box: 7 Best Monthly Art Subscription Boxes (2021)

tiny desk art - monthly artwork subscription box

Looking to fall in love with some new art? With so many amazing artwork subscription box options, how could you not?

Subscription boxes come in a range of interests and needs from wine to beauty products to toys. Art is the latest service to join the field. With these art subscription services, you can get high-quality art from around the world delivered right to your doorstep. 

What Are Subscription Boxes?

It’s the era of ordering online. Virtually anything you need you can get delivered to your doorstep. Not only is it the era of ordering online, it’s also the time of subscription boxes.

A subscription box is a recurring shipment model where the contents are generally disclosed but specifically held as a secret. Most subscription boxes are crafted around the idea that offerings rotate or change every month, so if customers don’t like the first box the first month, they may like the second month’s contents, and so on.

Subscription boxes vary widely by theme, price, and quality. Successful box offerings take care of their customers and cultivate a long-term relationship.

What Are Artwork Subscription Boxes?

Want art for your home or office? Why not start fresh every month? Then, you’re looking for an artwork subscription box. That’s the idea behind most artwork subscription options out there on the market.

Some monthly subscriptions for artwork are used for home decor specifically while others are geared toward learning about art itself. Further, some accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Head now to the list below to see the different options.

Artwork Box vs Art Box: What’s The Difference?

Looking instead for a box of art supplies every month that helps you be an artist yourself?  

If you want to roll up your sleeves and personally create art or crafts, there’s a box for you too. These box subscriptions offer a select number of new art supplies per month for your art creation needs. Learn new techniques, experiment with different formats and materials, and create a unique piece of art with this fun form of monthly subscription.

This article’s focus is on options for an artwork subscription box, which is a subscription plan that deliver new pieces of artwork, already finished, to your home or office. That said, we wanted to show a little love to craft and art supplies boxes. Although there are many creative craft kits available, including the popular ArtSnacks, here’s our selection for the best box. 

Best Art Supplies Box

let's make art - art supplies box

Let’s Make Art is our pick for those who love to craft their own works of art.

DIY art doesn’t have to be finger paintings hanging on a fridge. With a Let’s Make Art box monthly subscription, you receive step-by-step instructions on how to create a stunning piece of artwork. With a new video tutorial released weekly, you’ll be Picasso in no time. 

Included in each box are the supplies you need put your creative juices to work. Each box includes more than one project, too. Subscribers get four different projects with a new video tutorial released weekly.

The box several art supplies, including paint, watercolor paper, a reference card, and step-by-step instructions. All that’s left? Just add water. 

The Watercolor Subscription Box is $35/month or $45 for a single box. 

Best Artwork Subscription Boxes

Whether you want art to boost your creativity at the office or for a dash of color at home, there’s an art subscription box waiting for you. Here are seven of the best art subscription boxes

Our Selections:

  1. Art Crate
  2. Holstee
  3. Le Timbre
  4. ArtMail
  5. Get the Gallery
  6. GlobeIn
  7. Tiny Desk Art

Of course, “best” is a subjective term. It’s hard to say that our “best” artwork subscription box selections will be the same had you done the research, but we aimed for as objective a process as possible. We limited our box picks to those with premium art and organizations that emphasized who at least made it a point to say they took care of their artists.

With artists from around the globe, and plenty of price points, there’s an art subscription for you. Let’s save you some search time shopping around and take a deeper look at the pros and cons of each art box.

7) Art Crate

art crate - artwork subscription box

Art Crate makes buying bespoke art for your home easy and affordable. 

With this service, you work with a dedicated curator to select the right sizes and styles for your space month-to-month. After taking a style quiz, your curator chooses pieces to match your style. Over time, your curator will help you craft a collection that complements your style. 

Art Crate offers a wide variety of subscription types to choose from, as well as sizes and framing options. With eight great subscription types, four sizes and two framing options, there’s a plan that’s perfect for you. 

Art Crate’s plans start at $20 per month for smaller creative pieces and go up to $55 for larger statement pieces.


  • Too many plans/options may overwhelm
  • A bit costly starting price point
  • Limited to the style the quiz decides


  • Curator-led selections feels bespoke
  • Options can be nice for complete packages
  • The style quiz is a neat feature

6) Holstee

holstee - artwork subscription box

Soothe your soul and your space with Holstee. 

This service sends beautiful and inspiring art every month that can be used as digital wallpaper or a desk decoration. Working through a framework of 12 themes, each month’s box explores one theme through great art and self-reflection. 

This monthly service sends you quality 5″ x 7″ letterpress prints every month. With every month’s delivery, you receive an envelope to send the previous month’s print to a friend. Enjoy art together!

Holstee’s subscription service is $18 per month for print and $12 per month for digital access. 


  • Themes may feel limiting
  • No options for larger prints
  • Bit steep of entry price


  • Digital component adds a unique layer
  • Envelope for re-sending to a friend is a nice touch
  • Part of a larger eco-system and brand

5) Le Timbre

le timbre - artwork subscription box

Le Timbre describes itself as “a creative club for art enthusiasts and a community for true talent fans.”

This European-based service strives to make contemporary art accessible to all. Le Timbre sends high-quality prints from international artists to your doorstep, allowing you to discover fine art and become a collector. 

The service supplies a variety of options to subscribe to that include 1 month, 3 months and 6 months options. The pricing starts at $22 per month and ships worldwide for a small fee. The exclusive artwork you receive includes a dossier about the print and the artist who made it. 


  • High entry price point
  • Shipping fees not included
  • Limited now-or-never model


  • Variety is nice
  • Conscious-consumerism friendly
  • Embraces the artist community

4) ArtMail

artmail - artwork subscription box

ArtMail is exactly what it sounds like: art in the mail. 

ArtMail allows you to discover artists from around the globe while sprucing up your space. With this subscription, you can receive art from forty artists in thirty different countries sent to your home. Deliveries each month includes an interview with the artist who created the piece. 

Your personal curator will handpick art best suited to your personal style. With each month, your curator will understand more about your space and preferences. If you don’t love what they send, you can send it back and exchange it for something different.

ArtMail’s pricing starts at $24.99 per month, with different options for frames and matting. 


  • Pricey entry point
  • Curated art may not appeal to some
  • Frames and matting can be overpriced


  • Diverse artist line-up
  • Exchange fallback can be reassuring
  • Frame and matting options

3) Get the Gallery

get the gallery - artwork subscription box

Create an art gallery in your home with subscription service Get the Gallery

Get the Gallery offers a unique service where you can rotate beautiful art as often as you like. With this service, you can change the art in your space with your mood or simply month-to-month. With options to rent or keep artwork month by month, including pick-up and delivery, Get the Gallery streamlines the process of curating artwork. 

The service puts an emphasis on local artists, which means limiting the selection pool to U.S.-based artists. However, they seem to generally pull from Colorado the most, because that’s most local to their headquarters. Not the ideal for those looking for the best art possible, but it is conscious-consumer friendly.

Get the Gallery’s subscription service starts at $17 per month.


  • Rent-or-keep model may not appeal to some
  • Higher tier plans get costly
  • Mainly Colorado-based artists


  • Rotate art at will
  • Pick-up service for swaps
  • Moderate price for entry-level plan

2) GlobeIn

globein - artwork subscription box

If handmade, artisan pieces are more your style, then GlobeIn is perfect for you. 

GlobeIn’s service sends curated boxes each month filled with handmade products. You can tailor your experience by choosing what to keep, swap, or skip. 

GlobeIn is committed to connect remote artists with conscious customers. The brand is committed to building sustainability and improving the lives of artisans around the world. 

GlobeIn’s curated boxes start at $30 per month with different options for frequency.  


  • Prices are steep
  • Handmade may not appeal to some
  • Not as proven as other brands


  • Handmade pieces
  • Mixed media
  • Sustainability promise

1) Tiny Desk Art by Monesk

tiny desk art - monthly artwork subscription box

Monesk is the new kid on the block, but brings a lot of value to the table with its artwork subscription box. Full Disclosure: This blog is operated by Monesk; however, we’ve done our due diligence in keeping this round-up unbiased and objective.

The subscription itself is called Tiny Desk Art. While the name is fun and playful, the art prints are only of the most premium quality. Subscribers receive two prints of premium art every month. Once per month, you’ll receive a print from a living contemporary artist, and once per month Monesk delivers a classic masterpiece from an art history legend.

Subscribe and receive not only the artwork but guided reflection prompts and artist bios, which help you learn more about art the longer you stay subscribed. Find a favorite piece that you absolutely love? Order a larger-sized print perfect for framing and hanging in your home or office.

Subscriptions start at only $8.54 per month–the lowest of any box we could find.

Use coupon code TinyDeskArt at checkout to receive your first box free. That includes free shipping to go along with your first month (and every month afterward). And yes, you can even choose to subscribe for just one month. Try Monesk completely free.


  • A particular month’s artwork may or may not appeal to you
  • Artwork may be too small (4″ x 6″ inches)
  • No frame or mount options


  • Two prints for the price of one
  • Affordable price, plus free shipping
  • Learn about art with guided material

Conclusion: Best Artwork Subscription Boxes

A new premium artwork per month can be yours with an artwork subscription box. No need to shop. Save time and energy by crafting your aesthetic with the help of experts.

Rotate as you wish until you’re inspired, or slowly build up a special gallery wall worthy of an art museum. With a subscription art box, art is available at your fingertips. Premium prints can be yours without spending too much Monet.

Whether you want to choose everything or let someone else do all the work, there’s an art subscription perfect for your needs. While we can’t choose your absolute favorite for you, we hope one of the products from our selections inspire and satisfy your inner art lover.

Which of these artwork subscription boxes are you thinking of subscribing to? Let us know by commenting below and share this article for the art lovers in your life!

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