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Mindfulness Exercises at Work: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Mindful

mindfulness at work exercises

Mindfulness exercises at work can lend your life the qualities of a daily mindful practice, such as being fully aware and in the here and now without judgement, reactiveness, or overwhelm. 

Mindfulness is a way of being. Extending the concept of mindfulness to the workplace, even if your workspace is inside the home, means directing all of our awareness and presence to the work at hand. 

Being mindful, through mindful exercises at work or just in general, is especially relevant to modern times when we check our phones every few minutes. We all struggle to live a contented life with our shortened attention spans. 

What Are The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness at Work?

The benefits of applying mindfulness at work cannot be overstated. Research-backed benefits on the impact of mindfulness in the workplace include building self-confidence and individual skills in leaders, such as inspiring a shared vision and demonstrating moral intelligence. 

As a lower-level employee, bringing mindfulness to the workplace can help us better cope with aggravating bosses. Mindful people are less likely to feel frustration, even when supervisors squash their independence. 

Mindfulness based self-care can also enhance overall well being. Those who practiced meditation were found to be less stressed, more resilient, and more energetic.

5 Mindfulness Exercises to Practice at Work 

Practising mindfulness exercises can significantly alter the experience we have at work. Incorporating mindfulness at work doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, any effort toward a mindful practice brings some measure of totality and fullness to our workday. 

As a result, mindfulness’ positive effects seep into our lives both in and outside of the office. Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are numerous. Above all, a mindfulness practice makes us better workers and human beings.

We hope this handy list of easy mindfulness exercises helps you find how to implement mindfulness in the workplace.

1) Observing Your Breath

In the multitude of activities that consume our workday, it is easy to get lost and lose touch with the present moment. We can use our breath to bring ourselves back. 

Sit comfortably in your chair with your back erect and feet resting on the floor. Rest your hands on your thighs or knees. Relax your shoulders and neck. Gently close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.

Observe the quality of your breath. How does it feel? Is it shallow or deep? Quick or long? Broken or even? Without forcing or straining, try and inhale and exhale for equal durations. You can count out seconds in your mind. Or simply alternate between one and two, one and two, one and two–in rhythm with the breath.

Even a minute or two or mindful breathing can restore scattered energies, helping you feel more grounded and aware.

2) Setting an Intention and Coming Back to It

By setting an intention, we align ourselves to achieving that thing in our day. When you wake up in the morning or when you start your workday, give yourself something to focus on. Something to gear up toward.

It could be about being more polite in your communication, focusing instead of multitasking, or being more nurturing and supportive toward your team. Whatever personal or interpersonal thing that you want to work toward, make that goal come alive in your day by building awareness around it.

You could do this by creating reminders or just by bringing attention back to your goal every time you finish a task. With practice, it will become easier to be constantly in touch with that which you wish to achieve. 

3) Indulge in Mindfulness Based Self Care 

Taking care of our physical and mental well-being is imperative to our practice of mindfulness. Listening to the cues that our body sends us is also a reflection of how mindful we are about our own selves. 

It is important to take frequent breaks. Sitting for long hours adds to the stress and staring at the screen for extended periods of time not only tires the eyes but also decreases productivity. 

Self care mindfulness activities can include going for short walks, stretching, drinking water, eating a healthy snack, taking your eyes off the screen and staring at a distant object. Breathing. These small breaks will help bring you back to your creativity, restore depleted energy levels, and strengthen your attention. 

4) Do One Thing at a Time

This one might feel more difficult and unapproachable to practice. However, single-tasking can be transformative for work productivity and engagement. 

The way mobile phones and screens have invaded our lives, unplugging seems almost impossible. Between phone calls, messages, and e-mails, our work days can be filled with managing communication rather than getting to the tasks on our lists. 

Turning off all external communication to focus on a single task can give a significant boost to productivity. It also improves the quality of your work in completing the task. Not only that, doing a task well and on time also helps us feel more content with our work and more positive about ourselves. 

5) Mindful Listening

Active or mindful listening is being completely present with what the other person is saying. It is practiced not with the intention of responding but with the pure intention of just listening.

This kind of deep listening improves the way we communicate thereby improving our relationships at the workplace. When we listen without judgement, when we can offer someone the purity of our attention, we deepen our relationships and build team spirit. 

To practice mindful listening, maintain eye contact and avoid looking at your screens. Try not to interrupt the person while they are speaking. Even if you think you have the answers or are really tempted to share your own experience, wait for them to finish. Listen with an open mind, being present with them, without any judgment. 

Final Thoughts: Mindfulness Exercises at Work 

Mindfulness comes with steady and consistent effort. Practicing these mindfulness exercises at work will initiate your journey toward a more grounded way of existing in this world. What is mindfulness in the workplace good for if not enriching our lives outside of it as well.

With time, mindfulness will seep into all areas of your life–the way we eat, pray, and love. And when that happens, we realise our truest potential and live our best lives. 

For more tips on mindfulness, minimalism, and art, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. How do you practice mindfulness during the workday? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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