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How to Minimalize: 5 Easy Steps to Tidy Your Life

woman walking through field of sunflowers, having just followed the tips to minimalize your life

Want to minimalize and get that sleek aesthetic like you’ve seen on TV, movies, and the social media accounts of many an influencer? It’s not as hard as you may think to get your life clean, clear, and completely minimalized.

Minimalizing involves the clearing out of unnecessary things—in your home, in your schedule, in your finances, and yes, in your mind as well.

5 Simple Steps to Minimalize Your Life

We envisioned someone following these steps in order. But really, any change you make toward minimalism will reap benefits on your life. 

So, if something doesn’t appeal to you or doesn’t even apply, then feel free to skip around. Doing something positive for your life is better than doing something in a pre-defined way.

Let’s jump right into our five simple steps for a minimalized life. Here we go!

Step 1:  Minimalize Your Home to Make It a Serene Sanctuary

woman sitting in a bathtub with a view of a rock face through the window

Let’s face it. We accumulate a lot of stuff during a lifetime. Plus, we tend to form an emotional attachment to mementos, gifts, and the evidence of last year’s dose of retail therapy. 

But do we really need all those material goods?

De-cluttering your home, office, or workspace does wonders for the psyche. A home feels more peaceful when excess items are removed. Plus, you’ll rid yourself of a lot of stress when trying to locate specific things that you actually need.

Here are a few tips to follow for paring down your belongings.

  • Pick one space at a time to clear out, like a closet, cabinet, or even an area as small as a drawer
  • Empty the space out completely and place everything in a single pile
  • Take hold of each item, one-by-one, and ask yourself if you really need it
  • When it comes to clothing, ask yourself, “when was the last time I’ve worn it?” Clothes you don’t wear have got to go
  • Find a specific and organized space for the things that you’ll keep

Also, don’t worry about items that you don’t plan on keeping. You can always donate them to charity. As for broken objects you’ve hung onto, just throw them away. It’s time.

Step 2: Whittle Away at Your Schedule

clear calendar over coffee

Along with the clutter that takes up space in your home, you might have a packed schedule that takes up too much valuable time and energy. 

Or perhaps, you’re just trying to strike a balance between work and leisure. 

In order to minimalise your schedule, you must learn two important phrases: “no” and “not now.” Taking on too many obligations leads to a hectic, unorganized schedule. And this vicious cycle leads to burnout.

Consequently, when you choose activities and invitations wisely, you’ll find it easier to minimalize your routine. Thus, you keep chaos out of your day. 

Step 3: Work on Your Debt

credit cards held up against a white background - ridding yourself of debt is a crucial step for one to minimalize their life

Decreasing your debt and restructuring your finances helps to minimalize both your crowded schedule and excess material goods. 

By handling your bills and avoiding excessive expense, you’ll give yourself peace of mind, less stress, and a more organized living space.

Here are some debt-busting hacks to consider:

  • Make a list of all debts, payments, and interest amounts
  • Use your new list to determine if any high-interest debts can be refinanced for lower payments or if any smaller debts can be paid off quickly
  • Write all payment due dates on a calendar to help with budgeting and avoiding late fees
  • Track spending and income so you’ll know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out. This also prevents you from spending excessively
  • Consider getting a short-term side gig or selling your “gently used” stuff on sites like eBay and Mercari. You’ll declutter your home and gain some extra cash

If you stay within the boundaries of your budget, you’ll avoid accumulating bills. Plus, you’ll have all information needed for the next step, where you’ll establish goals that can include your finances.

Step 4: Establish a Few Focused Goals

kid aiming at a bullseye

With a minimalized living space, debt ratio, and calendar, you can finally carve out a list of goals.

Creating a laundry list of goals may seem like the ideal practice. In reality, it actually poses a risk of you “running in circles” trying to accomplish too many tasks at once. So, bringing focus to your to-do list can minimalize how you plan within a certain time period.

Try applying the following tactics to goal setting.

  • Figure out exactly how any given goal fits in your lifestyle
  • Identify and eliminate (or minimalize) possible barriers
  • Create an easy-to-follow action plan

By following these strategies, you’ll be able to identify and tackle one goal at a time. This will manifest results, reduce stress, and clear mental clutter.

Step 5: Rid Yourself of Emotional Baggage

woman sitting watching a sunset as it turns into twilight

In relation to letting go of issues that weigh you down, this tip is probably one of the most important because fear, grudges, and trauma greatly affect any kind of lifestyle change that you wish to accomplish.

By identifying these problems, you’re bringing them into the light, and by facing them, you’re doing away with the power they have over you. 

Furthermore, by learning how to deal with them, (with the assistance of a counselor or coach, if needed), you’re finding a place for them. If not eliminating them altogether. 

Therefore, by getting rid of the emotional baggage, you’re giving yourself more freedom to make positive changes. Better yet, you’re also able to identify what factors you can and can’t control. 

You gain a better sense of order and peace when you reach this healthy state of mind.

Conclusion: Minimalize Your Life 

By ridding yourself of extra stuff, extra activities, and goals that don’t necessarily fit in with your lifestyle, while changing your mindset, you’ll be free to spend time on what’s most important to you.

Once you’ve started the journey toward a minimalised life, you’ll see a big difference. Especially when you stop grasping at things that were holding back your energy and productivity. 

Finally, you’ll be able to start letting go of those objects and that way of thinking. 

We would love to hear how you have minimalized or plan to minimalize your life. Leave a comment down below!

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