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Office Artwork: How to Best Use Great Art for Productivity

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Office artwork is a crucial addition to any workplace, and the reasons why are just as numerous as the methods used to acquire the right type of art.

An office with blank walls has the same feel as an empty document with a blinking cursor; intimidating, bleak, and empty. Contrary to what one may think, office artwork does not distract employees. It actually boosts productivity. This does not mean go out and buy cheesy prints of cats hanging on branches. Yet, thoughtful and meaningful office art will inspire both your employees and clients. 

Pictures for office walls are a bit of a no brainer. We all have photos of family, friends, and important company connections in our offices. But genuine works of art, from paintings to art photography, make a huge difference when it comes to truly transforming a space.

Why Should I Have Office Artwork?

It’s okay to be a skeptic. Sure, art is pretty, but desk or wall art for office productivity may sound like a stretch. Turns out, it’s most definitely a real thing.

Whether it’s productivity, morale, or simply impressing clients and visitors, art makes a difference. Here’s why having office artwork will change not only your office decor but also the way you work. 


One of the benefits of having artwork in the office is that it boosts productivity. 

Viewing artwork has been linked to reducing stress, restoring mental energy, and lowering anger. 

The expanded explanation as for why is a bit complicated, but it comes down to something called “environmental control.” Basically, giving employees the feeling of control, simply self-motivated intention, reaps a bevy of benefits.


Furthermore, having art for office walls or desks, makes office designs more attractive. This can change employees’ attitudes on coming into work. 

Picture an office with blank white walls. Now, picture one with attractive and interesting artwork. Which would you rather look at all day?

The Guardian writes that “if you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.” 

Impressing Clients

Just like your brand positioning, art can help tell the story of your brand. 

Custom artwork can tell the story of your company, and welcomes others into your office, and your company. This could include murals of employees, paintings of important cities in your history, or abstract pieces featuring your brand colors.

A one-of-a-kind work of framed art, fresh with real paint, isn’t necessary either. Posters and prints can have the same effect of beautifying an office. The same goes for beautifying home office walls and desks with inspiring works of art. 

How Do You Choose the Right Office Artwork?

Okay, so now that you know that you need artwork, you may be asking “where do I start?” While there is no wrong way, there are certainly some that make more sense than others.

Although there are many ways to pick out art that is the right fit for your office, here are three considerations we find the most effective. 

1) Take Your Brand into Consideration

Like stated previously, office artwork can be a great way to boost your brand and tell a story

Is there an important place, symbol, or color scheme for your business? This is a great place to show it. For instance, think of Pam’s painting of the office building in “The Office.”

This can also be a chance to portray an aesthetic. Modern, abstract, minimalist art may work great for a tech company like Apple. On the other hand, ornate maximalist artwork may be better for a couture fashion house.

Similarly, brands can support causes and movements, such as Black Lives Matter, by proudly displaying works of art from a specific type of artist, such as local black artists.

2) Ask for Employee Input

Since employees are the ones who have to look at the art, it seems only fair that they have some say

As stated previously, a 2010 study showed that environmental control has been linked to improved group and individual performance, as well as a boost in productivity. What better way to bestow environmental control than letting your employees choose their environment’s decor and artistic expression?

Plus, involving employees in company decisions and empowering them with the ability to take command of the course of the company can have a wide range of benefits. But that may be best left for a future article.

3) Acknowledge Your Budget

While it would be ideal to have artwork throughout the office, if budget is a concern, stick to main areas of the office.

Most importantly, depending on the specific office situation, is the wall decor for office lobby and adjoining areas, like a meeting room. These will prioritize making an impression on clients but still spruce up your space.

Also, art doesn’t have to be famous to be fulfilling. Independent artists exist from all walks of life and in every income bracket. The term “starving artist” is certainly not just make believe. You can change an unknown artist’s life with your support, and your office will look every bit as beautiful then it would have been if a gallery curator recommended every piece.

Office Artwork: Conclusion

Installing artwork in your office is not going to distract your employees. It will do the opposite. Art in the office has been linked to improved mood and productivity, and it’s a proven way to impress clients and visitors. 

There are many different ways to pick the right art for your office that is relaxing and refined. One curated and easy-to-access method to bringing artwork into the office is our very own subscription service. Let us know your thoughts on office artwork in the comments below.

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