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Small Desk Decor: How To Beautify Your Tiny Workspace

small desk decor

How can you personalize and beautify your minimalist workspace without adding a ton of bulky items? The options for small desk decor are more various than you might guess.

By virtue of size, small areas limit both home and office decorating ideas. Regardless, you can still add a touch of small desk decor without sacrificing space and efficiency.

Here are a few tips to try out.

Small Decorative Hooks

Wall hooks provide a dual purpose by adding utility to an adjacent wall for hanging clipboards or small lightweight pockets to hold your important documents. 

Plus, they add a unique accent to your workspace without taking up any room on your desktop. 

You can choose either metallic or brightly colored hooks to compliment a sleek, minimalist area.

Whimsical Purposeful Objects

Contrary to what some might believe, the minimalist style doesn’t negate the need for personalization of your small desk decor. 

In fact, the idea of having “everything in its place” opens the possibility of adding small purposeful objects like tiny lamps or pencil holders.

Duo Tones to Compliment Your Small Desk Decor 

Even understated tones come in pairs and can liven up a small area. So why not try to combine a light walnut finish for your desk with a dark accent wall? 

Another winning combo is white paired with a bright yellow satin enamel or with something more calming like a shade of blue or gray. 

Basically, the result involves one color for the desk or chair and another for the surrounding wall space or shelves.

Tiny Plants

Just a small hint of green can boost productivity. 

One great way to incorporate this mood-enhancing color is to place a small, low-maintenance plant on a corner of your desk. 

Some excellent decorative choices include:

  • Mini succulents
  • Short bamboo arrangements
  • Juniper bonsai
  • Air plants

All of these options are quite petite and require a minimal amount of attention but still add a bit of the cheerful outdoors to your workstation.

Complementary Dry-Erase or Chalkboard

Like a backsplash in a kitchen, try to envision a wall in front of your desk on which you jot down notes. 

This is where a chalkboard or dry-erase board would come in handy.

When you don’t want plain wall space, or you run out of the previously mentioned wall hooks, a built-in chalk or dry-erase board gives you more note-taking capacity without taking up any desk space.

Ergo Chair

Who can forget the chair? 

The second most important focal point of your workspace should align proportionately to your small desk. In other words, a huge office throne would overpower your space, and a small stool might be uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, having a small chair won’t deprive you of personalized small desk decor. This furniture piece can add the pop of color (or multiple colors) amid understated hues. 

Or you can opt for a unique Perspex design that completely plays into the minimalist style.

Metallic Accents

Other items that add both pizazz and purpose to your small desk decor are tools and holders with metallic finishes or trim. Staplers, letter openers, and other items can double up as decorative accessories and office necessities.

Also, a desktop tray helps defray clutter while providing tasteful elegance. 

Here are some ideas for metallic finishes:

  • Brushed nickel
  • Antiqued brass
  • Copper plating
  • Black Finished pewter

When incorporated in moderation, metallic finished pieces, or a fine trim around the edge of your desk can brighten up any workspace.

Conclusion: Small Desk Decor

There are many more small desk decor ideas, but now you know the basics. We hope these quick and easy upgrades will transform your workspace.

Whether your tiny desk is located in your cubicle at work or in the corner of your home office, these cute desk decor ideas will add a touch of inspiration and organization to your minimalist space. 

Would you like to share some small desk decor ideas? What has worked best for you when it comes to desk decorations for work? Leave a comment down below!

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